ubuntu 10.10 server on XenServer 5.6 FP1 beta

Well XenServer 5.6 FP1 beta is out.  I decided to finally see what tickets I entered during the 5.6 beta for ubuntu support were added.  Turns out they all were!  However there is at least one new patch needed. Continue reading

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Fix for Provisioning Server bnns.sys stop error

Back when beta testing XenServer 5.6 I reported a stop error trying to run XenConvert on an XP box for PVS 5.1.  The short answer was it was not supported.  Take a guess at what happened next…

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Error 100013 adding X509Anchors cert in Snow Leopard

My office recently brought up an instance of Office Communications Server 2007 R2.  After connecting via my Windows 7 laptop I decided to try Microsoft Messenger on the Mac.  It seems that Apple and MS cannot make anything simple.  Adding the certificate not only required manually adding a keychain Apple seems to be phasing out, but the way Snow Leopard is configured, trying to add the cert simple produces an Error 100013 which is oh so descriptive. Continue reading

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What can drive Apple’s methods?

I have to say I found the antenna fiasco quite amusing mainly because I thought it would not become much.  However, I always believed that the iPhone market had the potential to drive a change at Apple.  I have read the articles about deleted Apple support forums posts and the silence when it comes to acknowledging a problem.  Cell phones have become a vital part of the consumer and business markets.  There is not a lot of room for a “finicky” cell phone.  Users will want quick answers followed by firmware or hardware fixes. Continue reading

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xe-edit-bootloader, Found 2 for VM, but only 1 is allowed.

This may come up following my two ubuntu on XenServer guides.  I figured I would explain what is happening and how to fix the error “Found 2 for VM, but only 1 is allowed” error from xe-edit-bootloader.

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Adobe crash in Vista/2008

Recently I ran into an annoying little Adobe Reader 9.3 crash while doing product testing.  My first thought was that the product being tested was causing the problem, but I first started with a Google search to make sure it was not a known Adobe issue.  I found many a person with my runtime error, but mostly because of redirecting AppData to a UNC path.  In my situation I was not doing any redirection.

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ubuntu 10.04 beta server DomU on XenServer 5.6 beta

I’m one that always likes to test out the latest and greatest.  As frustrating as it can sometimes be, I do enjoy it.  So once I had ubuntu 9.10 server up on XenServer, I wanted to try ubuntu 10.04 server beta.  It is almost exactly the same as 9.10, but changes in grub have made it a little more involved.

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ubuntu 9.10 server DomU on XenServer 5.6 beta

I’ve been trying to get ubuntu up an running as a DomU in PV mode under XenServer for a while.  The Citrix blog article is horribly old and some info is no longer accurate.  There are a few key things to getting this done that I discovered along they way.

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Xen Desktop on ESX backend

Getting Xen Desktop 2.0 Beta up and running on a VMWare ESX backend.

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Joomla Tooltips

In my porting of Zoom Media Gallery to Joomla 1.5 I had to figure out how to recode the tooltips. Here you’ll find the most basic way to fully customizing your tip.

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