xe-edit-bootloader, Found 2 for VM, but only 1 is allowed.

This may come up following my two ubuntu on XenServer guides.  I figured I would explain what is happening and how to fix the error “Found 2 for VM, but only 1 is allowed” error from xe-edit-bootloader.

You do not see them when running vdi-disk-list against a VM, but cdroms also have a vbd associated with them.  They are also marked bootable and for some reason xe-edit-bootloader does not have written into it the ability to filter out a cdrom drive.  If you need to run xe-edit-bootloader and are getting this error, do the following:

xe vm-cd-list uuid=<UUID of the VM>
xe vbd-param-set uuid<UUID of the cdrom> bootable=false

Now you should be able to run xe-edit-bootloader.

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3 Responses to xe-edit-bootloader, Found 2 for VM, but only 1 is allowed.

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  2. Tichaona Makunike says:

    I am trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit on Citrix XENServer 6.2 using a downloaded image. The installation progresses well and completes bu the VM does not start. The error is that the disk is not bootable.

    During installation, I am selecting guided partitioning with LVM and installing grub on /dev/xvdb being the 80GB data store that I created for the machine. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    • Adam Oliver says:

      Sorry for the late reply as I’ve been away from my site for a while. I have not tried that combination yet as I only recently got my lab updated to XenServer 6.2. I hope to get back to some testing after not too much longer but will probably try with the latest version as I need to rebuild a VPN server.

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