Adobe crash in Vista/2008

Recently I ran into an annoying little Adobe Reader 9.3 crash while doing product testing.  My first thought was that the product being tested was causing the problem, but I first started with a Google search to make sure it was not a known Adobe issue.  I found many a person with my runtime error, but mostly because of redirecting AppData to a UNC path.  In my situation I was not doing any redirection.

The error was accompanied by an Event View message.

“Faulting application AcroRd32.exe, version, time stamp 0x4b309800, faulting module MSVCR80.dll, version…..”

So I started a long process of testing various cases.  Then it dawned on me that I had ProcessMonitor on this server.  Since it was happening for users with roaming profiles I filtered out just about everything that was not occurring inside the locally cache profile.  This led me to an entry where Adobe Reader attempted to access LocalLow under AppData.  ProcessMonitor indicated that the attempt failed.  I manually created the LocalLow folder and Adobe opened without issue!  I then did some more searching and found a hotfix on Microsoft’s site.  Now for me I still have to confirm the product I am testing is not preventing the creation of LocalLow, but perhaps this information can help others.

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