Fix for Provisioning Server bnns.sys stop error

Back when beta testing XenServer 5.6 I reported a stop error trying to run XenConvert on an XP box for PVS 5.1.  The short answer was it was not supported.  Take a guess at what happened next…

XenServer 5.6 and Provisioning Server 5.6 were released around the same time.  Perhaps Citrix should not have been so quick to dismiss the stop issue as it was there in PVS 5.6 also!  Posts to the forums provided no fix except removing the XenServer tools or not upgrading to XS 5.6.  On Citrix tech jumped in to help but then vanished when the information on the issue was sent to him.

Jump to three months later and a hotfix addressing the issue with bnns.sys has appeared in the knowledge center.  Hopefully this will fix my issue, my stop error was on xennet.sys.  However, for all those who had the bnns.sys stop error, here is the article.

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