Droid X = Good, Blur = Bad

I decided that I was tired of waiting for LTE phones and went to Verizon Wireless to upgrade my phone.  I opted for the Droid X because I am now ok with only a touchscreen keyboard.  After running Sapphire on my Droid since I got it I was quite used to a vanilla Android experience.  Then enter MotorBlur….

The Verizon Wireless rep seemed confused when he checked if my new Droid X was syncing.  All but two of my contacts are in groups, so I told him it was expected and left with the phone.  Later on I attempted to turn on my groups.  Here lied the issue.  Apparently BlurContacts cannot show Google contact groups.  Quite a big thing that made it through Q&A.  Being the phone has been out for so long and gone through a couple updates it became clear to me this was not a concern for Motorola.  Off looking for solutions I went.

It would have been too easy if Motorola left a way to revert back to the vanilla apps.  I quickly rooted the phone and installed Koush’s recovery as I figured both would be required.  I quickly installed a 2.x version of the Tranquility ROM.  Being that the instructions said it would deodex the phone, I did not do it beforehand.  I should have read the entire thread, because it apparently will just hang on boot if you do not deodex first.  Since I then could not get RSD Lite to recognize my phone I thought I was SOL.  I had not made a backup after I got recovery installed.  Fortunately that day the 320 update leaked and was in an update.zip format.  A quick copy to the microSD card and subsequent install and I was back up and running.

I did a lot more research this time and opted for Tranquility 3.5.  This time I did a backup, deodexed 320 and then installed Tranquility 3.5.  Unfortunately both the phone and contacts apps were still the blur version.  They were just renamed.  Back to the leaked 320 release I went.  Now I figured I would go to Verizon Wireless and start harassing them about the issue until I could talk with an actual Motorola support rep.

Today I tried just searching for the 2.2.1 version of the phone and contacts apps.  I stumbled upon rubiX Focused 1.9.3.  This was another ROM stating blur was removed.  So I did another backup and applied it through recovery.  Upon boot I was pleased to find a more vanilla experience!  The ROM is also extremely quick.

I most likely would not have hunted down a custom ROM this quickly if BlurContacts worked properly.  Things like this can deter potential customers.  No official response also can make a company seem like it does not care about its customers.  Hopefully Motorola will make sure they are at least matching the functionality of a vanilla Android install soon.  For now I will continue running rubiX as it is simply awesome!

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