Gingerbread bluetooth issues

I decided to give Gingerbread and the latest Liberty ROM a try yesterday.  Unfortunately it seems that GB was still not quite ready for prime time use by me.

A while back I tried a leaked GB install on my Droid X.  I promptly removed it and went back to a Liberty Froyo ROM when I realized bluetooth did not work.  At the time I did not know it, but it is more of an issue of a lot of non-headsets not working.

Yesterday I updated to the current VZW Gingerbreak release and added Liberty .6.  This morning I noticed that while my PLT-K100 would pair, it would not work with the phone.  Working with media was spotty.  After some searching I discovered this seems to be a common issue with DX and some car bluetooth systems and motorcycle helmet systems.  Being that hands-free is the law in some states now I would have expected this to be better tested.  So now I will SBF back down to 340, attempt the OTA update and head to a VZW store with my speaker phone.  I plan on taking a Froyo based DX with me to show how it works fine with the speaker phone.  We’ll see how long it takes VZW to give up or try to just replace the model with a refurb, denying it is a software issue.

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